Self Love Quiz
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Congratulations!!! You have a wonderful sense of who you are and honor it by loving yourself fully!🎉👏🍾 You believe in yourself and that you ARE worthy and lovable. You don’t depend on others for their approval and you’re confident in standing in your own power. You also have high expectations of yourself with healthy attitudes and boundaries. You are a positive influence for others. You truly do love yourself unconditionally! Well done!!!
Ok! You are beginning on your path of self love!💖 It’s a start. Now is the time to focus more on YOU! There are some areas to work on. Self confidence and trusting your own instincts are areas to improve. Also looking at some of your “limiting beliefs” would be a great place to start. For instance, do you feel it’s selfish or even conceited to love yourself first?? Being more aware when you put others first and say yes to doing things that you really DONT want to do. Also, becoming more aware of your self-talk. What are you saying to yourself? Trust your instincts more. You got this! I can help you with some fine tuning which will make all the difference in the world!
Ummmm... ok... we’ve got some work to do! We definitely need to start a journey of self-love. You don’t feel lovable, worthy or even seen in this world. When you lack in self-love, your overall well-being is affected. You feel paralyzed, right? It’s so hard to feel great when you have a committee of negative “self-talkers” in your head!😢 I believe it’s time to learn some new tools of self care and identify and get rid of all those limiting beliefs that are holding you back! Let’s get rid of those ideas once and for all! Loving yourself is not selfish at all. It’s life affirming, mostly for YOUR life. You were born on this planet for a reason. I know you have so much to offer! You’ve just been beaten down and have fallen and have no idea how to get back up. Poor baby. The good news is that you’re here. You’re very courageous to tell YOUR truth as you are now. I’m here to help you! You’re not alone. You deserve to feel loved and worthy because you are!!! Let’s go on this journey together. 💖